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Ramblings of an occasional gherkin
those redolent remnants of day suspended
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16th-Mar-2010 07:39 pm - Beautiful plumage, though!
(Merlin) Gwen/Mor; travel far
As I was rather proud of it at the time, I'm showing off my first animated icon. *hears applause* *doffs hat modestly* If only it was good enough to warrant such a response. :P It's nothing fancy at all, but I like it.

Monty Python/Merlin crossover numero uno (and probably the last):

Side note: I've discovered that the longest I can stand being separated from my USB stick is one and a half days. It's been over a week now. I am never, ever lending it to anyone ever again. *rolls eyes*
23rd-Feb-2010 07:59 pm - Random thought I just had to get out
(Merlin) Uther/Olaf; embrace
Malcolm Fraser is my new favourite person. ILU, MALCOLM, NOW AND FOREVER.

For a guy who was such a git in the past, he became a truly wonderful, inspiring even, man. Like, post-PMship.

On another random note, I do believe my sudden sort of apathy towards Merlin is leaving me. Not completely, but still. Yay.

I have a small idea for a Nathan/Curtis fic but OMG, WHAT, I have other Misfits things to do.
17th-Feb-2010 05:31 pm - Australian Politics RPS fic
(Burn Notice) Sam/Fiona
This was something I'd pretty much promised to do for nixwilliams a while ago. I finally found what I'd started, cleaned it up and finished it. Um.

Title: Bathroom Break
Pairing: Maxine McKew/Julia Gillard
Rating: PG
Word Count: 730
I actually feel like I need a disclaimer: No offence meant to the people mentioned in this work of complete and utter fiction.
A/N: Nothing really happens except for my take on certain personalities and an unresearched version of a Labor party conference set after the 2007 election. Also, first proper femmeslash attempt, woo!

It had been a letdown, a small deflation inside Julia, when Kerry returned.Collapse )
(Merlin actors) Angel; camera
So I figured, I requested one from bedamn (a thing of beauty, by the way. 'Scuse my pimping.) and didn't post this here then, because, you know. I estimate a grand total of three, maybe four, people on my f-list would be at all interested in me writing stuff for them.

Now I've also requested one from sariza (which she's free to take up or not), so I think I should be a good person. Plus I feel like writing and would very much like to distract myself from Australia as a whole. Fandom is the solution.

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (If you absolutely can't write, maybe find a creative alternative?)
(Misfits) Kelly and Simon
Yesterday it was around 42 degrees and I was out in it. Weather like that is not fun at all. However, I did escape it for a while by seeing It's Complicated, in which I was simultaneously watching Alec Baldwin in a kind of awed daze and being thoroughly freaked out by his chest hair.

The way I managed to keep myself chirpy at work yesterday evening IN AN UN-AIR CONDITIONED BUILDING, GRR was by thinking of this video with Kelly and Simon from Misfits:

I've watched it way too many times and yet I still laugh. Simon's youtube channel is pure gold.

Misfits Misfits Misfits... am I obsessed? No way.Collapse )

Speaking of Merlin, I'm happily working away at a couple of prompt replies for the kink meme. I somehow think- for one particularly- that I will never deanon. It would be too embarrassing. Then again, it'd probably be easy enough to pick which prompts I'm interested in doing. My mastery of secretive behaviour needs some work.
5th-Jan-2010 12:21 pm - Pre-series OT4: Now with colour
(Merlin) it's easier not to look
This is the second, probably slightly better, version of the Nimueh, Gaius, Uther and Ygraine graphic I made. I still can't shake the feeling that they look like some kind of odd medieval band or something.

Proceed to the pictureCollapse )

The other version of this manipulation is here.

Only because this has nothing to do with Merlin but doesn't really deserve a post on its own: Separate Tables is now one of my all time favourite movies. *is still on a David Niven-related high*
24th-Dec-2009 11:13 am - Christmas fic: After the Party (M/A)
(Ideal) don't question the mask
Title: After the Party
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: G
Summary: Arthur's looking through his photos from the Christmas lunch.
Warnings: Sickeningly sappy ending.
A/N: Happy holidays to everyone! This little attempt at modern!AU fluff is especially for ctkelly, who I'm not nearly nice enough to regarding fics and pairings as I should be.

Read more...Collapse )
(Ideal) don't question the mask
Title: The Ache of Love Separated
Pairing: Vivian/Arthur
Spoilers: For Sweet Dreams/Merlin ep 2x10
Rating: G
Summary: Vivian remains in love with Arthur. Olaf is really tired of the whole thing.
A/N: I wrote this right after watching the episode a week and a bit ago, as the last scene bothered me tremendously. I wasn't actually going to post this up on the 'Net at all, as it's a bit terrible weird and someone already did it quite well. But now I've had a sudden change of heart. Perhaps the Merlin writers are scripting my life.

He wanted his daughter, his giggling, pretty daughter, back.Collapse )
1st-Dec-2009 09:17 am - D:
(Ideal) don't question the mask
Tony Abbot?!

Joe Hockey would've been better than him! Well, at least Turnbull only lost by one.

Anyway, good luck with that choice Liberals.
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